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Welcome to Pialligo Estate Smokehouse
Our award-winning artisan smokehouse creates naturally smoked products that showcase the best of the Capital region. A subtle smokey aroma, well balanced flavour, delicate texture and minimal wastage are hallmarks of our products. 
Our smoking methods are traditional Northern European and all our ingredients used to semi-cure or marinate our products are hand crushed and have no colourings or artificial flavours. 

Our award-winning products are available for purchase from The Estate's new The Farm Shop Cafe (12 Beltana Rd, Pialligo), so visit the Cafe to fill your hampers with a range of gourmet goodies, and have a delicious brunch or lunch!
Pialligo Estate Smokehouse bacon is also available from a growing number of quality grocery stores and cafes, please see full retailers list on our Stockists Page.

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