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Salmon Gravlax - Pialligo Estate

Salmon Gravlax

Dry cured in sea salt, raw sugar, white pepper and dill until all those flavours penetrates the whole fillet producing unique, flavoursome salmon like no other. Recognised and awarded on many Fine Food Awards in Australia.

100% Australian Atlantic Smoked SalmonIngredients:

Atlantic Salmon - Huon Aquaculture
Sea Salt - Olsson's Sea Salt
Raw Sugar - Bundaberg Cane Sugar
Dill - Pialligo Estate Grown
White Pepper


Why do we only use HUON salmon?

Based at the southern tip of Tasmania, where the mighty Huon River meets the Great Southern Ocean, HUON Premium Tasmanian salmon are reared and nurtured by some of the finest, and most innovative practitioners globally. Unique climatic conditions so prevalent in this wilderness, provide for a near perfect life. The water is clean, pristine and unspoilt. It is quite literally a paradise.

Whilst the conditions are heaven sent, the staff at HUON are also blessed; with passion, knowledge, flair, and a dedication to each other rare in this day and age. This style is practiced from the top down of this vertically integrated company. The end result is salmon with rewarding texture, luscious colour, and succulent flavour.


2017 - Sydney Fine Food Awards - Gold Medal for Cold Smoked Salmon

2017 - Hobart - Australian Gravlax, Salmon Product - SILVER MEDAL 



This product is Gluten Free and endorsed by Coeliac Australia.

Gluten Free Endorsed by Coeliac Australia

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